nice handwritten script font

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for me it has this kinda dreamy vibe and it almost feels like it really was just written onto the print I saw

I already tried different font recognizers but none found the right one. the most obvious charateristic for me is the capital D where the leg doesn't touch the curve.
Furthermore the font is mostly sans-serif, the only serif character I saw was capital I

As far as I know it's not a windows/microsoft font, I'm using a regular laptop with windows 8 and I can't find it here, however I did saw it once on a mac computer

Handwriting Dakota
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It's called Handwriting - Dakota
Copyright: Copyright © 1995, Inc., © 2001 Apple Computer

It's an Apple font and according to the following discussion it comes with either Tiger or Leopard Mac OS X, or iLife application:

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thank you, that's the one! now all I have to do is find a legit download :)

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