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Hi everyone
I hope someone can give me a little guidance. After combing through the forum for serif combinations with Avenir, I thought I would try a direct request. I am about to embark on the design of a range of reports for a Europrean rail transportation organisation. The reports will be of varying length, the biggest being about 140 (roughly A4) pages long. The reports themselves will be combining full colour imagery, pull out case studies, maps and various charts and graphs. It's a pretty large undertaking all in all and I really want to do a good job.

The organisation makes use of Avenir as their primary face, although I'm actually leaning towards using Avenir Next as it seems to offer more flexibility. However, I'd really like to find a nice serif to pair it with.

What does everyone think of using Avenir Next for body copy? Would it be too tiring on the eye? And what do you think would be a nice serif for body instead? I really like Freight serif/ micro - would these work at all? Avenir Next would most likely be used for major headings to keep in line with the overall brand, if that makes any difference.

To be honest I'm having a bit of an attack of nerves so any advice would be SO appreciated!

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Update - after a fairly fruitless discussion with the boss it's been decided that Avenir (not Next) needs to be used. So any help with a pairing would be great!

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Is Avenir the text font? And what is the function of the pairing font?

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Hi J. Tillman,
I'm not married to Avenir as the body/ text font - from what I understand it is not so great for setting long content. I'd prefer to use it for headings and pull outs/ case studies. So really I'm looking for something that will work for longer text. Any ideas?

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Besides not being great for reading, Avenir also happens to be way over-used.


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yeah it is very over-used. Unfortunately it is their primary brand font so replacing it is not an option.

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Maybe Dante or Electra might work.

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