Discetionary ligatures in display font

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Hi all

I am designing a display typeface in Fontlab. It has substitute ligatures for pretty much every letter combination (like A_A, A_B, A_C...etc). I want to put them all as discretionary ligatures. The code at the moment looks like this:

feature dlig {
sub A A by A_A;
sub A B by A_B;
sub A C by A_C;
sub A D by A_D;
sub A E by A_E;
sub A F by A_F;
sub A G by A_G;
sub A H by A_H;
sub A I by A_I;
sub A J by A_J;
sub A K by A_K;
sub A L by A_L;
sub A M by A_M;
sub A N by A_N;
sub A O by A_O;
sub A P by A_P;
sub A R by A_R;
sub A S by A_S;
sub A T E by A_T_I;
sub A T I by A_T_E;
sub A T by A_T;
sub A U by A_U;
sub A V by A_V;
sub A W by A_W;
sub A X by A_X;
sub A Y by A_Y;
sub A Z by A_Z;

.......(and will eventually go all the way to Z_Z)....

} dlig;

I am afraid it may end up being huge and perhaps make the font slow, although it is a display font so most probably it won't be used for huge chunks of text.

Is there any other way to do it? I am not good at scripting and I've searched around but I couldn't find if there is another way to use classes to do it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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You're right, you can't use classes in this instance. The way you're going is the only way, so far as I can see.

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Hi George

thank you very much for your reply.
I'll stick to that then.

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