Serif font used on bronze plaque

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Hi There,
Does any one recognise this font?

French Alphabets, designed by F C Herrick
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The closest I can find is FA Herrick Sign Writers
The copyright says:

French Alphabets. Designed by F C Herrick for the use of the signwriters and letterers at the British Empire Exhibition, 1923. (c) Mindofone Fonts. 2011.

According to LucDevroy this is a free font digitized by Dick Pape:

In 2011-2012, Dick Pape created a number of free fonts based on designs pointed out to him by Mindofone, and he calls them his Mindofone collection, 86 files strong. They include French Alphabets (FA) and French Advertising Alphabets (FAA). The French Advertising Alphabets were designed by M. Moullet in Brussels in 1946.

You can download the font from LucDevroy pages:

Check the image bellow. Not a perfect match (no numerals also) but I think it could serve as a good substitute.

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Fantastic! I would say you are absolutely right.
The plaque is from Jersey in the Channel Isles so the fact that the font is French/Belgian would make sense.
Shame there are no numerals, could you recommend a font I might be able to use or adapt as an alternative.

Many Thanks!

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See the image bellow to compare some alternatives for numerals & ampersand.
I don't know if they are all still available as I can't find a legitimate source to acquire them, except of last one.

Dailama-Normal - (c) Classic Font Corporation
Hollandse CG (Bold) - (c) Miles Inc., 1992
Deville (manually emboldened) - (c) IBS -Future Corporation, 1988
ErasmusMedium - (c) Red Rooster, 1993

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That's great fvilanakis! these are very close and all great starting points.
Thanks again for the tips and sharing your knowledge, much appreciated.

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For the numbers and the ampersand you might consider Roos

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Thanks, I will have a look at Roos as well.

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