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Can anyone identify this? I'm looking for the correct name of this gothic, never seen before.

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I know it as Music Hall Text. Digitized by David Nalle as Rheingold.

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Aridi 29 is a simplified version.

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This is Favorit/Teuton Text. German from 19th century. Wilhelm Woellmer foundry in Berlin. Specimen Peltzendorfer _Schriften Atlas (1898)_

Nearly identical, Kirchengotische Schrift. Excellent quality digital version, Aeronaut by Georg Herold-Wildfellner for Face Type

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Thanks so much for that, Don. What a splendid scan!

To correct what I wrote: What I knew as Music Hall Text is actually Kirchengotische Schrift and was digitized by Aridi and Facetype (Aeronaut is an incredible set of layered fonts and is half off until June 27th!). Your type, Erica, is Favotir/Teuton text and was digitized by David Nalle as Rheingold.

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Thank you all, great!
I found other metal types like these, and I'm still trying to identify all. They are very old... and really beautiful!

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I just came across the Aridi font collection, which are simply named Aridi1 through Aridi33, and most of which I recognise as commercial typefaces even though the Aridi collection was a free download. Are his versions pirated or just extremely similar to their commercial counterparts?

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