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I have a question regarding the Font Family Futura - in particular the font Futura XBlkCn BT.

To be more precise I want to know if this font is allowed to use in Logos etc.?

I am literally searching the hell out of google to find a proper answer for this, unfortunately not with a satisfying answer. What I found out until now is that the font family from futura is not per definition protected for any use in a logo or a corporate identity. According to my research futura itself is "public domain", which means (at least in my understanding) that this font should be free for corporate use or did I understood that wrong?

Actually I am a bit concerned since a friend of mine informed me that the brand "Absolut - Vodka" is using a similar font for their corp-identity.....

Since I am not that deep familiar with the copyright in terms of fonts I would really appreciate any feedback, links for copyright terms for fonts, etc from you guys. :-)

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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FuturaXBlkCnBT is a font from Bitstream. You can buy a copy at:


It is not a free font but Bitstream can answer your questions regarding use.

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It is true that Absolut uses a variant of Futura for their corporate identity and advertising, but it has been modified quite a bit which gives it a unique look. It is proprietary to Absolut; using Futura for yourself should pose no problems.

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Since the font-focused part of Bitstream was acquired by Monotype in 2012, this digital interpretation of Futura is now subject to their standard license agreement.

You should also have a look at the Typophile thread comparing digital versions of Futura and the Quora entry by Stephen Coles, which (unfortunately) requires either a Google or Facebook account to view.

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Hi R4773,
you asked me to move this thread to the Release forum, but I think that General Discussions actually is the more appropriate place. I have removed the link you posted, because that site offers pirated fonts for download.

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Guys, thanks so much for this quick and AWESOME feedback! :-)
That really helps!

I guess I learned in 8mins reading here more than in 8 hours research in google... ;-)
Through the feedback from you guys I decided to change the plan's for the issue I had to deal with and I now used 2 different google fonts for creating the mentioned coorp identity.

Guess I won't have to deal with similar copyright issues, due their Open Source model - LIKE! ..... ;-)

@Florian - Thank you for the support and sry for the link, I wasn't aware that this site is one of the bad ones will be more carefull next time...

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Yes, when it comes to type, always come here first! :-)


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