MLV- gothic, music inspired typeface

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Hello Typophiles,
I was a silent reader of this forum and recently pull my gut enough to post here. I need some critique on both the form and kerning of this typeface. I create this for my final year project and inspired by some Postrock-ish band.
looking forward to your opinion, thanks a bunch!

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The "A" is brilliant. Try to apply that idea to the whole.


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Looks quite original!

The rhythm strikes me as quite uneven. Try out some narrower versions of /A and /V, and fix the overly large space between /ID. Maybe reduce the spacing in general?

Don't worry about kerning until you've got good base spacing. Use a font editor that makes spacing and kerning easy, such as Glyphs.

Try punching a hole into the /V to make it less black, like you did for /A.

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Quite difficult to discern between |O| and |D|.

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