Font or symbol looking like )-(

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Hi, I'm new to this site so sorry if I post this in the wrong place etc.

I'm trying to work out a symbol or font that looks like this :


But the dash in-between joins both brackets making it look like an H or sort of an X. I have no idea if it is a type of letter or represents something else?

If I can put an age to when it was used I would say it was used around 1680-1720. And it was used on its own and not in a sentence.

Has anybody seen something like this at all? Basically if I can find out what this is I think I can narrow down the date further.


Brill Roman font or a symbol of the Zodiac Pisces.
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Maybe the sign of the zodiac for pisces, as in

If so, you can find a corresponding character U+2653, ♓, in the unicode charts, that looks like this

Here is how the character looks like in the font Brill

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Hi Michel,

Many thanks for your reply to my post and I think you are correct, it must be the Zodiac sign for Pisces, I cannot see it really being anything else.

I am very grateful for your answer.


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