How do I sort table of contents not by page but by heading in indesign?

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I´ve got a Indesign Book with multiple indesign documents linked to it.

I´m trying to figure out how to set up the TOC the way I want it.

Its a catalogue of about 130 artists and designers, sorted by the last name.

However I would like to sort the table of contents based on their profession (for example designer) and their speciality (for example spatial design)
Basically a hierarchy based on the steps:
1. profession (which is base on paragraph style found on every left side page)
2. speciality (which is based on paragraph style found on every right side page)
3. last name and page number. (based on paragraph style found on every left side page)

i.e. since all the artists/designers are spread out in the catalogue I want collect them based on profession and then arrange them by their last name.

Susan Adamsson 5
Steve Benton 19
John Burton 11

Wendy Britten 17
Sam Williams 97

Steve Andersson 101
Liv Lastname 9

etc (more professions, and specialties than this, these are just examples...)

Is this do-able using indesigns toc?

For example it seems like I can't put "graphics" before the names of the persons since "graphics" paragraph style is found on the page after the name of the designer?

If you know how to do this, please help, I´m starting to think I might have to do this manually...


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found it. What I´m looking for was the indesign tool for indexing...

Works like a charm!

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I'm glad I came across this site; i want to learn about this too.

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