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I have just recently completed a pixel font and would like to get some feedback on it...
Much appreciated. :)

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The latin is nice and creative. I don't know enough about hiragana, but you clearly have two different styles based on different stroke-rounding methods, and the second looks very ragged. Maybe this is of necessity. But consider making another version in which the numerals and symbols are sized and styled to match the latin.

You seem to have mistakenly filled Ľľ with a copy of Ĺĺ.

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Thanks for the feedback, cerulean :). I noticed the Ľľ error after posting the sample. I already corrected them.
The latin are of 6x6 grid while the numbers are in 7x7. I think I will modify the latin so that they are 7x7 while retaining the style...
The hiragana is still in progress so I may modify the corners and strokes... Katakana is also planned...

Is it prefered to keep all glyphs in a constant nxn grid in a single font?...

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