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Does anyone have the photofont plug in for indesign? It's kind of old, and font lab does not actually have it on their site anymore.

Thanks a bunch!

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We have retired the Photofont plugins because they no longer worked in modern InDesign or Photoshop versions, and it was a nuisance and significant effort to have to keep them up-to-date for every new version of Adobe apps.

The replacement product is FontLab Pad:

It does not integrate with Photoshop or InDesign as much (it's a separate app and you need to do copy-paste or export-import in order to get the text into the Adobe app), but it supports all of Unicode, all the modern color font formats that TransType can produce (but also the classic Photofont PHF files of course). It comes with the nice "transparent background" feature so you can place its window directly over InDesign and you'll see how your Photofont headline will look in the document. And it exports not only PNG bitmaps but also SVG and PDF graphics.

We will be publishing an update to FontLab Pad in the coming weeks which fixes a few bugs (kerning in some PHF files does not currently work correctly, though in most it works fine; also, the text selection highlight gets exported so currently you have to deselect the text before exporting) and also adds a few improvements. If you run into any problems in FontLab Pad that did not occur with the old Photofont products, please let me know directly to adam at fontlab dot com.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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