Matching a typeface with a logo--Please help! :)

Hello everyone!

My friend and I are starting a small design partnership called "Little Tipi Design Co.", and I'm tasked with creating our logo. I have the logo symbol already drawn out, but I'm struggling to pair it with a good typeface. I am currently using Clarendon, but I'm not convinced. I've attached a pic of what I have so far. What do you think of the current pairing? Do you have a better suggestion? Choosing typefaces has always been my weak point, so thank you so much in advance for your help!

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I suggest you put aside the question of what type looks good with your artwork, and first answer what does your company do, who is your target market, and what unique value does your service provide?
To me, Clarendon says we're strong, no-nonsense, and a little old-fashioned. The use of all-lowercase, and the word "little" in the name, says but we don't take ourselves too seriously. The Native American symbol (possibly authentic) hints at a regional/folklore/ethnic specialty in the services you offer.
So for instance, if what you design is moderately-priced camping equipment, this logo is probably perfect the way it is. If what you design is e-commerce websites, you probably want something more sleek and modern, and that idea will guide not only your selection of type, but whether to capitalize, whether to leave the artwork in the center, or place it above/below the type, flush left/right, etc.

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Agree with the comments above. Just want to add that the proportions of the logo (very wide) means it'll become tiny when it must fit a narrow space. If you prefer all in one line, you might want an alternate version for those situations.

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