Sign Painting Research (Paris)

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I'm sorry, perhaps I posted this thread in the wrong forum. I'm not sure.

Hi guys,

at the moment I'm doing a research about the history of Sign Painting especially in Paris. As an semester project I took pictures of Letterings in Paris and now I'm trying to find some information about the sign-painter profession, but it's not easy to find some. I started to look up the topic in the the university library, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for. If you search for »sign painter(s)« or »sign( )painting« you don't get any results and if you choose the term »lettering« you receive some books about calligraphy and modern hand-lettering. I also looked up the topic at the research library but I couldn't find much information neither. In the most cases you just get the title and the year of the publication as a result which isn't really helpful if you see a list of 200 books.

So I would like to ask you for some book recommendations related to my topic: Sign Painting or more exactly Sign Painting especially in Paris.

Thank you very much!

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Fritz Grögel is your man, and he is in Berlin, like you.

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