Hebrew type design research

Dear Members and friends!
During the last year I'm writing a research on Hebrew type faces designed by the most prominent designer - Zvi Narkiss.
The research will contain spectacular visual materials which are part of the impressive archive Narkiss created. This archive is also the basis of my research.
This project is extreamly important and undoubtedly significant to students of typography, lecturers and design professionals. Also to the general public viewing the Hebrew language and typography manifested so beautifully in Hebrew type faces developed in course of the 20th century and today.
Once it's finalized, the research which will be published as book in Hebrew and in English. It will contain a broad range of images, shown for the first time, particularly interesting thanks to it's relevance in historical, cultural, social, technological and design contexts .

A month and a half ago I uploaded to "Headsart" (Mass funding site) the research i'm writing, in order to raise the budget for launching and publishing the project.

Attached is a link to the project:

If you wish to take part in this unique project, and help make it happen, you are warmly invited to join!
Please find attached the link to my project. Thank you all very much!

Thank you very much!
Yehuda Hofshi
Tel Aviv

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Interesting and worthwhile project! I put in a good word on Twitter. Best of luck with it.


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Thank you very much Hrant!


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