Cursive Restaurant Sign

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Picture taken from Signage.


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Check the following discussion, about Spoleto aka OptiSport Script aka Aktuelle aka Athletic Script:

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I read previous threads. I also standard sized the glyphs in Spoleto [Novel], OptiSport Script, and Aktuelle [Brendel] for comparison. There is little difference between the three and the differences may be due to errors in format conversion. The Opti version looks better made than the other two and appears to have the earliest creation date. The [unauthorized] archive of fonts from this defunct company states that the original is _Athletic Script_. This is the name the embroidery companies now use for this script, but I can find nothing on Athletic Script as a regular font. For further info, Google _fonts athletic script_.
BTW Monotype owns the font name _Spoleto Regular_ and uses it for a very different font designed by Hans Bacher in 2001, and originally called Tuscany
On balance, if I was to use a name for the script in the sign, I would go for Athletic Script.

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