Searching for a free hand script typographer

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I'm looking for someone experienced in creating "free hand" typography. I ran across a french guy online a couple of years ago but unfortunately I can't remember his name. But if you have any tips I'd be most thankful.



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It might help if you called it by its proper term: lettering.

You will find plenty of talented people.


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Thank you hhp. What is the title of someone working with lettering?

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What Hrant is referring to is a calligrapher, someone who uses a pen to produce fine quality documents.

The term letterer usually refers to someone who fills in the word balloons in a comic.

Unlike Hrant, though, I was not sure from your original post that you were, in fact, looking for a calligrapher. I thought that it was also possible you were looking for a typographer who used script typefaces to create an effect similar to calligraphy.

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Actually to me "letterer" generally means somebody who renders letters –but not fonts– in any way; could be a logo, could be window signage... And I wasn't sure (and still am not :-) that P_P is looking for a calligrapher.


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Also: Lettering Artist

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As far as my normal usage of the terms goes:

Calligraphers write letters.

(Hand) Letterers draw letters (in the context of a specific piece of text).

Type designers draw letters (to be reproduced in many texts).

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Thank you all for clarifying.

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Now that has been settled I dare to throw my hat in the ring.
See example

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