Runic - always Condensed?

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I've only ever seen Runic (Adobe) as "Runic MT Compressed", but I'm wondering if there was ever a non-compressed version of Runic, or if there's a recent uncompressed equivalent? I look for the distinctive ends on the capital C and G...

Searching the forums here I found a few references to Runic apparently being stretched manually for book covers, logos, etc, but I wondered why this would need to be done at all - usually a demand for a particular typeface doesn't go unsatisfied for very long. So I can't help feeling there must be something already out there...

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(Sorry I got Compressed and Condensed mixed up...)

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I have two folders in my font collection for Runic - One says condensed the other says regular, but they both contain Runic MT Condensed. Does not seem to be a regular.

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