Historical French Scripts into Typefaces

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I'd like to know if the three historical French scripts have been translated
into digital typefaces?
As a reminder, here's the list of these XVI/XVII th century scripts:
Ronde, Bâtarde, Coulée.
Do the designers of the typefaces change their names for commercial purpose?

All I can find is ATFrenchScript which is a Ronde.
It originated from Stephenson Blake back in 1905.

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I can make a pretty good guess as to the scripts you mention, but it would help a lot if you could post an image of your example of each script. Believe it or not, variation exists.
As for name changes, I assure you that makers of digital versions of old typefaces often change the names because somebody else owns a the name, or because they believe a different name works for them for any of a multitude of reasons.

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Find enclosed two classical French scripts:
1. Bâtarde calligraphy executed by Louis Rossignol
2. Coulée calligraphy executed by André Tardieu

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