Font Pairing - Marzo

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I've been tasked with designing wedding invitations by a friend. Her only request is that I use the typeface"Marzo" for headers.

I'm not in love with this face, but I'm trying very hard to make it work. I find myself struggling with finding a suitable font that pairs well with this . Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure how helpful a response this is, but given that wedding invitations often use script fonts (of course they don't have to!), it might be worth trying one of the scripts from Sudtipos? Adios Script Pro isn't too formal and is fairly delicate: ?

Or going a non-traditional route, the same designer made a geometric, Inlove .

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Following up on the script idea, perhaps a light/thin monoline typeface, e.g. my Handsome Pro:

Failing that, any light sans serif with a circular /o and even width would work, e.g. Proxima Nova Soft.

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