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This is a logo I am developing for a new wrapping paper brand. It will sell hand printed and hand painted wrapping papers. Please help me with any critique or comments.

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I think parts of the "p" have to be heavier, for balance.


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Thanks Hrant, how about the stem of "r" and "a"? I feel the "a" and "p" are falling a bit to the right. Could the connector between them be the cause? I noticed it just now.

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I think hrant told you the perfect thing and other parts are ok I guess.

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I like this! I'm wondering, though, whether the W and the rap are not too different from each other in style; the latter's round, regular, relatively low-contrast shapes may clash with the rather more dynamic style of the W.

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Thank you all for the pointers. Have tried to tweak here and there. Have also adjusted "W" in the latter version . How do you think it fares now?

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