Woodblock style gothic?

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Does anyone have any ideas as to what this is?

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One of the widths/weights of 'Knockout' from Hoefler?

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Knockout is good call even if I don't think it is. You may like also Champion Gothic, MPI Gothic, Rhode and Titling Gothic. I also think they're using the same font for their logo.

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Thanks guys. Only thing is, the terminals of the S at the angle... that what's really distinguishes this I'd say. The search continues, but thank you for your help.

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It's possible that someone customized the terminals with a little outline tweaking of the points. If I was doing this I would probably start with Knockout 70/71/90 and play with those. Knockout has the right shapes for most of the letterforms, like the R, G, O, S and E, with only a little terminal tweaking, and maybe tiny 'squooshing'. I apologize if this is too crudely pragmatic, but sometimes this approach saves a lot of time.

- Mike Yanega

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