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Hi, I've to reproduce this logo in MS word environment.
I've tried Futura-Normal (bolded by word) with 95% characters proportion and it's the most similar font but, as you can see by the comparison, it's not perfect. In particular:
- the final part of e doesn't follow the rest of the elliptical shape but it poits outside
- the "cut" of t is perfectly divided in 2 instead of being longer on the right side
- the inside "rings" (empty parts) of o, a, p are too large
- too much space between the "legs" of n
- l is too short
The only good side is that the "peaks" of M can be easily cutted off to get the flat shape as the logo.
Thank you in advance :D


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You should try to use NOT an artificially emboldened but a real heavy version of Futura e.g. Futura Heavy from Adobe

When a designer creates a bold/heavy/italic version of a font he actually redesigns the shape of letters to balance many visual aspects.
Automated bold/italic operations produces a different result and are usually aesthetically inferior to a real bold/italic font.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I tried with Futura Heavy and this is the result

Then I modded some parameters to get a better result: size of M larger, 98% characters proportion. That's the result:

M shape is more different then the original one and the previous case of Futura-Normal and there're still the same problems with t, n, l; I guess only e got better.

As you can see the result is not still perfect and I worder what font they used to print it.
I also tried with futura koyu, FuturaBQ-DemiBold, Futura ICG Demi and there's always something wrong.
Can you help me more or you think it's impossible to obtain "the" perfect result? Maybe a mix of futura font styles could be a better solution?

Thank you again.

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There are too many variables here to give a perfect answer.

1. The principle unknown is how Word emboldens a font. This could account for the /M width differences.

2. There are perhaps hundreds of Futura fonts - ones with equal bars on the /t and some with unequal, some with shorter or longer /l, with wider or narrower /M or with shorter or taller /t, etc.

3. The example shows a changing horizontal discrepancy (letter spacing) which could be attributable to kerning.

You may have to simply hand set and modify the letters to get what you're after.

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