Gothic/Copperplate something

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Maybe this one's obvious, but I can't figure it out. Kind of looks like engravers, but better proportions, plus it's cute and rounded. Lil' Help?


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Yeah but this one is rounded.

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Hmmm, I missed that. Bryant is pretty similar, but the S is not exactly like your sample.

Same problem with Simpliciter Sans -- close, but S not the same.

- Mike Yanega

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Another with rounded terminals and corners, Houschka Rounded Medium Using Small Caps

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How about another choice: Carlos Segura, FaxFont Standard.

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Part of the fact it looks rounded (artificially?), I confirm exactly what Fivos said. Proportions, balance and design look to match Sackers: /S, /E, /B and /M look spot on to me. As far as I know, I'm not aware of any rounded version so it could simply be custom job, a manually rounded Sackers. I could also be totally wrong so may be, giving more details like for instance the sample origin could help to solve the case.

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