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I've been trying to track down a slightly bawdy typographical poem that I would guess dates to the mid-’60s. It uses the name of several typefaces, and the version I saw set the font name in the font in question (for which I will use caps):

"A SPARTAN BOOKMAN in his CLOISTER thought the ANCIENT world his oyster....."

and finishes:

"He wants to be befriended by VENUS BOLD EXTENDED."

Does anyone have this? I'd love to be able to share it with my students.


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I seem to remember that from years ago, passed around the shop but I don't have a copy of it.

If you do find it, please post it here in its entirety. We could use some bawdy, I think. Except those that are married, of course; their wives surely would never approve of a printer being involved in something unseemly.

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I have found it, through Google Books:

A Spartan Bookman in his Cloister
Thought the Antique world his oyster
Times Roman were his great delight.
Italian Old Style girls the height
Of Radiant beauty. What a shame
No Wedding Text will he declaim.
Instead he’s Stymied in his Tower
Shadow like and wonder how or
When he’ll find a Lydian pal,
A Cursive Legend of a gal.
He yearns to be befriended
By Venus Bold Extended

The various sources only display a few lines at a time, so the jpeg is collaged from screen grabs semi-competently in Photoshop. I have not found author info. I had some hope of resetting, but too many of the fonts have not been revived. The image is a bit blurry, but I'm guessing it was only set once. Everyone since first publication has only seen copies of copies.

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Jandos Rothstein > Bawdy?! Back t0 the mid-’60s?! Share it with my students?! Uses the name of several typefaces?!

@ How if not bawdy, new, could be shared with students, the married @ the unmarried and uses no name of any left to right typeface?!

George Thomas > Except those that are married?!; their wives surely would never approve of a printer being involved in something unseemly.

@ For those who are married, would their spouses disapprove of a finger being involved in something unseemly?!

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