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Hi Typophiler! I'm Joe, I'm happy to tell you that our site, Fontver has just launched.

Fontever is different from others type selling site or foundries. We aim to build a marketplace that only sell one-time font and limited font from typographers. One-time sale means the font will only sell to one person only with full copyright while limited sales means the typeface is restricted in terms of quantity or time. We think that this way of buying and selling can increase the value of a typeface, increase companies incentive of buying unique typefaces and more importantly to help typographers to earn more.

I'm not coming here to ask for your money, but in case you want to donate to us please visit our crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. Instead, we want you to help us grow by simply register and submit your unreleased typeface and sell it on Fontever if you think this site is great. We don't take any commission or fee on seller now.

I'm appreciate your attention and sorry for my bad english. Feel free to ask if you have any problem.

Sell your font now

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Very interesting. Best of luck!


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I would suggest having an English native speaker edit your copy.

Cheers, Si

PS. Nice use of Comic Sans

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Actually, on their web site, they are making, amazingly enough, a nice use of Comic Sans. But, yes, given the horror with which that typeface is generally viewed by persons involved with typefaces, that was not an advisable choice.

I didn't know what the face was on the image included in the post, but looking on the site, I see a similar face which looked like Avant-Garde to me. While it's perhaps a bit overused, I can see the intent to use that to evoke stylishness.

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Thanks for the comments! We will work hard to improve the site.

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