SocialClub Misfits2 album cover Hand drawn Brush thin urban graffiti numbers 4/29


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Really searching for this typeface....Have had no luck. Could use some help big time. All that I know is its a hand drawn brush style. Not sure if it's design is online or weather it was all custom. The cover was done by the artist Angel Acevedo.

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Possibly done by hand/brush and not a font--all the repeating letters are different.

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street brush and mustang font by Robert arrow might work

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Definitely hand-drawn. Some more alternatives (but still pretty convinced e2kdesign's suggestions are the best you could get): Ragged Brad, Flood, Wolf's rain, Xtreme Script, Asylum, Blaze, Fresh Paint, Scraper, Hunglan Design fonts, Lassigue D'mato, Gizmo, Fashionista, Brushtip C, Kill The Noise, Fighting Spirit, True Lies, Crimes Times 6, Asylum, Frankentype, Old Evils, Family and Epic Slash.

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