Ripping Yarns TV show - URWArtGothic or something older?

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I've been enjoying the re-run of Ripping Yarns on BBC TV, and assumed that the title font was URWArtGothic. But what's puzzling me is that the show was made in 1970s, and URW say that ArtGothic was designed in 1995.

So I'm wondering if this is really another font, or if ArtGothic was based on an older font. It looks quite old in style...

Art Gothic
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Your impression of old in style is correct. Art Gothic seems to have been originally produced by the Central Type Foundry of St. Louis, Missouri, in the 19th century. As is noted in the info provided with a digital version made by HiH The reference to 1995 for the URW version refers to when it was digitized for URW.

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Thanks for finding this for me, Don! I read URW's "Art Gothic was designed by URW Studio in 1995." a bit too literally... :) I don't know what technology the BBC were using for video titles in 1977.

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