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Hi guys,

Let me thank you in advance for looking at this post. I am starting my own business of selling fashion accessories, primarily scarves. I designed this logo in Adobe Illustrator CS6 using my name and Sans Remo font. Let me know what you think. Target customer is 28-35. Moderate discretionary income.

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I'm afraid it has fallen into that awkward gap between "This is purely an ornament" and "Are these words? To read?" Without knowing the font, as far as I could tell, you'd devised an elaborate ambigram of something like "Ganlers SkymnaxQ". After looking up San Remo, I identified the letter T, but the general intent is not much clearer.

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Agree with cerulean, it's not readable as a company name.

It could work as an abstract symbol representing your company, maybe even as a pattern on scarves, but you'd need to spell out your company name nearby if you want people to know the name. In the symbol be sure to use line weights that don't disappear when the logo is reproduced is a tiny size.

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Thank you guys,

This was really helpful. JamesM, you're right. I did intend to also use it in some sort of patterns. Cerulean, do you suggest keeping the T in Sans Remo and the rest in a more legible font? Here's another version without the 'reflect'. How's everyone feeling on the colors?

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I like the swashbuckle effect, as if Errol Flynn traced a light photo with the tip of his sword. The reflection is troublesome because it invites Rorschach-type search for meaning. It depends on what sort of designs you are selling whether to try to improve the reflect, for example by squeezing everything into a dense filigree..but problems could multiply if not handled properly. How about keeping just the two circular shapes in thick lines and delete the rest . Then somehow box it in with the company name in clear Roman capitals? That would look sporty and elegant, and suggest wind-blown scarves.

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Thank you Vladimir. That sounds like a great idea. I'll try it out with the circular shapes. Maybe also playing around with the reflect as well. :)

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