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Hey Typophiles,

I'm working on a logo for a news website. I've attached a few examples of the current direction it's heading in. The 'B' stands for buzz, eg: ' a hive of information and up-to-date news. The original concept was that the 'B' could represent a literal Bee and the form of the letter 'C' would represent it's wing from a side-on perspective. I wanted this reference to be extremely subtle and as far from illustrative as possible so as to avoid it being over the top, in your face, or cliche. Whilst the client really likes t, unfortunately the select few I've shared this with don't think it works even subtly (the bee concept), but they quite like it regardless.

I'm asking because I want some genuinely expert feedback regarding ways I could improve or different directions I could take it. Most importantly I want it to be typographically strong and not look amateurish. For thirds interested the letters are a heavily edited (bastardised?) Museo.

All criticism and comments welcome!


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I like the third version from the left, although I don't like the black background -- that's too limiting for variable use. As for a "bee", or by inference a "hive" concept, it fails totally for me; I just don't make any connection.

When I first saw it my immediate reaction was "citizen's band", which I think is still around. So perhaps you should approach this more from the standpoint of news communication which is what it is. CB could fit comfortably within that category, I think. It's just a more personalized method of information and/or news dissemination.

My own personal hive of information is the internet. Everything you might need to know can be found there, somewhere.

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I agree. I like the third version and maybe the fourth. Surely the ones where the two letters don't touch. I don't think the black background is a problem, it will work with black on white background too.
As for the bee I am sorry to say that I would have never guessed it by myself and even now that I know it I can't say I really see it there. It does not matter though, number three is a very good logo.

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If you're not constrained by the color scheme, you might strengthen the "Bee" hint by using yellow/black instead of the red? Without your explanation, I wouldn't have associated the insect (or relations) with the logo :)

Other than that, yes, third from the left I like best.

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Thanks all for your feedback! I agree the third from the left was the most successful - I also agree the 'Bee' concept was a bit of a stretch. I would (and did, for experimentation) change the colour from deep reddy orange to a more conventional 'Bee yellow' but the client is pretty set on what we have so far.

He requested the whole word 'CoinBuzz' in the same bastardised Museo (yay) so I quickly knocked off the curvaceous serifs and was left with the below images. I suggested he could use both the full logo and the reduced 'CB' at his leisure depending on any size or dimensional constraints.

I quite like it but lack the veteran eye of a type designer and not sure if my taste is failing me. Issues i'm aware of being:

-The curvature of the 'C' is more horseshoe than rounded, almost awkward (not sure if anyone agrees?)
-The square tittle from the 'i' was replaced with a friendlier round one. I made sure it didn't ascend too high but matched the width of the i's vertical stroke; not sure if it sits nicely or looks 'off'.
-Most importantly, removing the serifs from the 'n' and 'u' has reduced their character width somewhat and consequently might need to expand them and give them a bit more room to breath. Note the 'o' in comparison to the 'n'.
-Kerning needs work?

Would love to hear others' thoughts on my (above) notes - or any other further comments or criticisms. I want this to be as polished as possible and ideally to learn from you guys in the process. Thanks :)

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Instead of cutting the serifs off Museo yourself, you could have just used Museo Sans ;-) Now you’ve already done the work, you can at least go compare if Jos Buivenga did anything differently.

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Thanks for this! Yeah I should really have done that although I don't seem to have Museo Sans 700, only the lighter weights! But I will definitely compare the two when I get the chance.

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Would it look too queer to drop the majuscules so they half-ascend, half-descend?

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