Black-weight modern double-story-g sans. (Not this one.)

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I'm looking for a modern typeface similar to the attached (which is Chivo Black via Font Squirrel), only, well, more professionally designed.

It's for use as a business magazine logo, and possibly within the magazine.

Any suggestions welcome!

Thank you in advance.



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Chivo is from and upon examination is both well designed and technically quite well realized. Just because it is free and open source does not mean it is somehow less professional even though some posters here make that point from time to time. That said if you like the design use it - if you want something similar look at Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic, Avenir or Myriad.

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knockout might also be a very good alternative

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Thanks Bob.

Yes, it’s not terrible at all, I do quite like it…

It’s just a bit quirky for my needs, and some things seem a touch “off”. For example, the “S” characters seem a little skewed. By professional, in this sense, I mean more conventional … less personality. Must have more power than the comparatively cuddly fonts you list.

BTW, I know my typefaces quite well — or at least I used to: not so much the massive wealth of new, lesser-known fonts out there.

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If it helps, I was drawn to Worth magazine’s logo as an influence.

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