Mulligans Restaurant Logo

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Am trying to find which block style Mulligans is in

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It looks like an emboldened/rounded Yikes! free font by W. Allen Montgomery [1997]

There is also a very similar commercial font called Zoinks by Comicraft with a design date of 2003, so I'm really confused and I suggest to be extra careful if you need to acquire a commercial license for your project.

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Thanks.. and yes, would definitely get a license if I use.

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Zoinks by Comicraft has a copyright claim of 1995 "©1995 Active Images/Comicraft" in my copy. Yikes! by W. Allen Montgomery has 1997. Unless there is a non digital version predating that time period, it would be good to know if there is any evidence that Yikes! is an original work.

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