My first font

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Hi! Typophile is a great site and have great memebers

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Hey Ricardo. Surely, you have a future....;)
You found typophile and that's a good start.

With "gimmick" suggestion...
don't attempt to repeat the gimmick
on all the letters.

Btw, in this case,
by "gimmick" I mean the wavy round structure.

It can work on some letters, but on the H, I, J, L, T...
it gives a person vertigo.

What program are you using, just curious.

good luck and try back with some other stuff.


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thx for the help

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im strongly supporting bj's advice not to go too far with the gimmick. its some subtle richness of form that makes 'gimmick fonts' much better.


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I like the bolder weight

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thanks for all the comments

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revised version before weekend.

i'm feeling that i'm loosing some gimmick personality :-)

Ricardorev.02rev.02 neg

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justo for fun :-)fun

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just for fun

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:preview for the lowercase

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Hello Ricardo, I only see now your font and I want to leave some ideias and sugestions.

Lowercase letters
c - more condensed
g - the round parts of this character are a little bit different of others similiar (b,d,p,q)
x - more expanded
w - probably more condensed
y - I prefere the last version because the leg is more identical of the (g).

The lowercase letters seems that have few characteristics from the Uppercase. Probably they must have more points in common to have more coerency betten the two parts, its my suggestions. Good luck for the work.
Regards / um abra

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I didn't like the UC set, but the lc is workable. The "k", "v" and "z" need to be more curvy.


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it's really nice to read your suggestions...thanks a lot again.


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