Probably a handwriting but i am still trying my luck


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It looks very close to a font called Harrington (Bold) by Font Bureau [1992] but I can't find a legitimate font to acquire it.

It has been also digitized as Harrington by Dan X. Solo. [1998]
and cloned under different names by many well known font-forgery companies:

AviaSSK - Copyright 1993 Southern Software, Inc.
Bertinelli (unknown designer/foundry)
Bouquet - (C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH
FZ JAZZY 2 - Copyright (c) 1994 By Fantazia Concepts Inc
Harbinger - Copyright (c) 1993,1996 Weatherly Systems
Harrington - Copyright 1991, Atech Software, Carlsbad CA
Hermosa - From the WSI-Font Collection. Copyright (c)1995 Weatherly Systems, Inc
Hermosa Beatty - Copr.1990 Richard Beatty Designs.
JessamineScriptSSK - Copyright 1995 Southern Software, Inc.
Parisian - ©1995-2001 Arts & Letters Corporation
Sweetdream - Copyright (c) 1994 by CompuWorks.
Wellington (unknown designer/foundry)

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thank you sir, you are my savior

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Fivos - a legitimate link for FB's Harrington (for future reference).

Also ... another for your list is Scriptorium's Rossetti.

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Dover Books Dan X. Solo font CDs include Harrington

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