More Information / Options for decorative futura like typefaces / rennie mackintosh

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Hey Felllow Typophiles,
I'm looking for more information / options for these decorative style typefaces. I've found a typeface called "Futura Custom" which is ok, but I'm trying to find well done / professional within this style. I've seen it pop up a few places and reminds of Rennie Mackintosh / or even a touch of geometric bauhas a bit but not quite. Does anyone have any suggestions / history on this style?

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Pretty convinced it's a customized Futura BTW. Some previous related discussions:,,,
Some suggestions: Diamonds, Evolette A, Lightyears, many ones at TenDollarFonts (TWOFACED, Echelon, Rathe, Parqa, Fonecian, Finding 57, Harf 77, Labieno, Positano, Marina, Alumia...)
More inspiration: I Am So Tired With Your Experimental Sans

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This font is: Futura FH Custom by Frank Hemmekam

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Thanks very much for the recommendations, appreciated!

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