William Arthur T-497 Wedding Invitation Font

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This is William Arthur typeface T-497, used on a wedding invitation. Can anyone identify the font name or something very similar?


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Most probably another custom job by Hallmark and exclusive for William Arthur. You may like the work of Stephen Rapp: Memoir, Montague Script, Hiatus...

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Another designer with some beautiful, yet personal-looking, scripts is Laura Worthington. Her Alana is similar, and has many alternates allowing a choice of fancy-to-plain script looks.

Another prolific designer, who used to work for Hallmark is Rob Leuschke.

- Mike Yanega

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Seems to be called AliceFrancesHMK.

Luc Devroye says: "In 2012, we find a file with 107 free fonts on the Hallmark site as a support file for Hallmark Card Studio 2012. That collection: AliceFrancesHmk, ... "

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Thank you!

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