Help with the Z and X of my modern blackletter

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This typeface i'm designing is slightly inspired by black letter.
I need the decide on a better way to design the Z and X. I've tried to follow the same angles on either sides
of the letterforms, but the Z and X just aren't working... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 15.18.45.png120.15 KB
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I think the "z" might actually be workable. For the "x", introduce a vertical segment.


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Thanks for your input, really appreciate it.
Think this is any better?
It's driving me mad, I would like it to conform to the other angles.

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When I said "vertical" I meant... vertical. :-)
Not as archaic as this
but something like a stem with sprouts.


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Maybe take a look at these for some ideas/inspiration:

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Here is the final typeface, I had to start again as the forms were too condensed for me. Any C+C would be very helpful. Thank you.

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