What is This font? (Mix of Sans serifs)

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I am looking for this font. Please help me. I need this urgent!!!

Thank you.

DIN Neuzeit® Grotesk Bold Condensed
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I think more than one font is being used. Which one do you want us to identify?

The numerals look like Neuzeit Grotesk.

- Mike Yanega

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Thank you for your reply. I think all of these letters are of one font. You can take "Md Shahinul".

Neuzeit-grotesk do not work for the alphabets. Look at the letter 'a' and ' l ' ...

I took it from German language.

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Still not found...

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All the big letters look like Neuzeit Grotesk Bold Condensed or DIN306040 with shadows or not.

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Thank you DPape. Yes I got it. It is DIN 'Neuzeit® Grotesk Bold Condensed'. :D

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