Thierry La Fronde title - French series '60

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I am searching for the name of the font used
in the French Series Thierry La Fronde.

It has elements from the Amador, but not all.
Especially the"r" and "y" is different.

Also many similarities with the Monotype Engravers Old English,
especially the kapital "T", but the "f" differs.
Its like a mix of the two.

Thanx in advance

- Emil Brants


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Seems to be lettering -- note for example the slight differences in the counters of _e_. But put Friedrich Bauer's Fette Gotisch of 1875 on a diet and narrow the letters, and this is pretty much what you would get. The pen-stroke technique of Morris Fuller Benton's Wedding Text of 1901 is used for much of the finishing of the letters.

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