Algorithmic Typography

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This is less of a question, but more of an interesting read: Fun with Fonts: Algorithmic Typography. The actual PDF can be downloaded from the link in the upper-right.

From the abstract: Over the past decade, we have designed five typefaces based on mathematical theorems and open problems, specifically computational geometry. These typefaces expose the general public in a unique way to intriguing results and hard problems in hinged dissections, geometric tours, origami design, physical simulation, and protein folding. In particular, most of these typefaces include puzzle fonts, where reading the intended message requires solving a series of puzzles which illustrate the challenge of the underlying algorithmic problem.

Enjoy :)

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I would call these constraints-based design, rather than algorithmic.
After all, PostScript, which is the medium in which almost all typefaces are now designed, is inherently algorithmic. Interpolation, for instance, is algorithmic.

Here is an interesting area of “algorithmic” type design, termed “parametric”:

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Postscript and interpolation are not algorithmic.


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Define 'algorithm', then.

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Fontly @ Puzzlingly speaking: Algorithmic @ parametric Typography are more repulsive than attractive.
Any way, thanks with flowers

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