Pernell Charity - The Virginian - FONT ID

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Looking for an ID on the font used for this LP Cover from the 70's.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

$T2eC16FHJIQE9qUHrisZBRnU5RHvt!~~60_12 copy 2.JPG38.7 KB


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I suspect this won't be much help, because I don't know of a digital version, but this seems to match a film type from Photolettering Inc., called "Grandmother". It came in several versions, some with shadows, or outlines, or plain. It was in a catalog from 1965.

- Mike Yanega

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See Assay for similar.

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Also Antique Tuscan
Can't find a rimmed version to match your image.

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There is also an Antique Tuscan Condensed
The closest I can come to your rimmed effect is an Antique Tuscan Condensed Outline by Intellecta
Unfortunately the quality of Intellecta digitization is not as good as the ones from Wooden Type Fonts.

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awesome thanks all for your help

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