Help in identifying font.

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Can someone help me identify font in this screenshot of the book page?

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No, but someone can point you to the Type ID board:

Why is it that noone seems to notice the by-line "All topics are welcome—except font ID requests."? Does it need to be


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Size is moot in a society discouraged from reading.


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Re identifying web fonts, reading the raw HTML and CSS will surprisingly often be enough. Web browsers, at least of the Firefox class, let you do so easily.

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Much easier:

When you have time to read, read natural language. :-)


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Just a thought - How about making a Font Identification logo banner out to the right, just like what is done for "Follow Typophile on Twitter"? I imagine Typophile even could have a design contest for it.

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@hrant, that link reminded me of another useful bookmarklet that may turn out to be no less important, though in a different field.

It calculates hashes for a web page and any included Javascript files, giving the user a chance to spot if something has changed somewhere.

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