How to achieve this style

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Just want to know how to achieve this style of hand writing. Is this done with a chisel texter or a paint brush?

And any ideas where I can get some books/tutorials for this kind of lettering technique?


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Maybe ask on a forum about handwriting/lettering.


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Do you mean on here? I thought I was in the handwriting section.

Unless you mean to find another forum specifically for that.



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Since this site is about fonts (even the "handwriting" section) I'm assuming there are better sites for this question. But maybe you'll get lucky here!


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I would say that is called lettering. Maybe posting on the General Discussions forum a question about resources for lettering would give some result. Typophile Charles Borges de Oliveira does some lettering. I don't think he is the only typophile to do that. By the way, Cabarga's book, Logo, Font & Lettering Bible used to be a reference here on typophile.

Here is a typophile thread that may lead to something helpful:

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