Looking for this special "K"

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Hi guys.

I'm wondering what are those fonts, used in that logo. The store is Cigarette Store in Tampere and every time I walk past that logo, I keep wondering of those fonts. Especially letter "K" in the third row. I'm designer myself and this is really disturbing that I can't identify those fonts. :D

So, can you help me? I'm looking for both fonts.

Thank you so much!

caxton book, cloister open face
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1st & 3rd row must be Caxton Book by Leslie Usherwood [1981, Letraset]

"TUPAKKA" could be a manually emboldened Cloister Open Face
(myfonts.com mentions Morris Fuller Benton, Jim Rimmer or Robert Hunter Middleton as the designer of the font, depending on which foundry's version are you looking at)

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That was quick! This is really amazing!

Thank you so much! <3

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