Sans-Serif Typeface I have begun. Feedback please?

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I'm struggling with the lower case "s" and capital "X". I am happy with the others. :)

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I'm really happy with this. I drew it all without looking at any references. I know there are similarities to other fonts out there that we have seen. But this is what came out of my mind last night.

I still need to make numbers and special characters and other glyphs.

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For the "s", make it wider. For the "x", stagger the arms.

The first thing I would do though is figure out which direction(s) those shear should go and and why.


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Nice. You are totally right. Will fix those shears and work on those letters.

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To my point of view the angle at the bottom of the | j | is on the wrong side. It should be on the same angle as the | p |. Also, the ascender and descender seems too long (see your | g and y |. Try something nearest of the | y |. Keep going.

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