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Hi all

I have a potential client that wants me to produce some pitch creative for their running magazine. I'd like to suggest some contemporary fonts for the design that reflect both the physical aspect of running as well as the more cerebral nature of the sport.

I thought I'd ask to see if anyone had any suggestions to help get me started? The readership is quite broad, with a good proportion of male and female readers across all ages. I'm really open at this stage to any and all thoughts…


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How about using a monowidth in some part of the design, to signify the even pace of distance running?

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I have some ideas, but it would be very useful to have more details, especially concerning the illustration/photography style, as well as the typical length of the articles.

Nick, interesting idea, but I in practice I think it would instead convey the sort of running that a drunk person would do. :-) A better way to express a constant pace might be using a Didone. But: low readability.


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Sorry what's a monowidth?
My thoughts are to have edgy, contemporary illustration styles using loose, hand drawn elements perhaps with collage to show anything that needs to be a bit scientific. The stretches and technique illos will need to be clearer, but I'm hoping to use someone who creates line art and then adds rough textures and colour panels to break up the shape of the body.
For photography, I'd like to try and showcase aspects rarely touched on, so rather than the guy breaking the tape at the finish, perhaps focus on the guys just behind and drop the focus on the winner to show the determination and hopefully put the 'reader in the image'. I'd like a mix of mono and colour images and I'd thinking of recommending photographers who don't normally shoot sporting images and try and get some atmosphere into the shots.
I gather articles are roughly 6 pages and about 500 words per page (A4). But they like to open on a big image and lessen the type, so I reckon perhaps 700 per page is more realistic plus boxouts - busy but plenty of breathing space.
Didone (I looked at H&F's) looks lovely I just wonder whether it's too 'now' and doesn't convey the technical aspects? It could work for those feature headers needing to feel epic though.
Present thoughts are Farnham/Miller/Mercury with Verlag/Neutraface or Whitney - just might be a bit too obvious and besides everyone is using that setup…

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Monowidth = monospaced.

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