UltraCondensed Sans Serif

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Do you know any font that is the same style as UltraCondensed Sans Serif?

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Too many copies/rip-off/clones on the market for this one and UltraCondensed Sans Serif is one of them. I guess you could go with Michael Gill's Iris or David Berlow and Kelley Ehrgott-Milligan's Empire.

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You may like:
Iris by Michael Gills [1930] available from Letraset, ITC
Empire by Morris Fuller Benton [1937] available from Font Bureau, Tilde, Bitstream, ...

There are also many clones (under different names) by the usual font forgery companies like Fantazia Concepts, Cambridge Fontworks, Bay Animation, Arts & Letters, etc.

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Thank you. I think I will use Empire!

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