Ford Customline Badge Font - Connected

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Looking for the name of this typeface or something extremely close to this sample.


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I can't find an exact match, but you may like the following:
Dymaxion Script free font by Nick Curtis [1999]
Raceway by Leslie Cabarga [Font-Bureau, 1995]

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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I put this in my "connected chrome" category. In addition to those suggested by Fivos, you might like Belair-Regular Font by Wilton Foundry
Boxer Script JF
NOTE: Edited to change credit to Fivos.

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More letters in what looks like the same style:

and also very similar from Ford for the same era


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Adding to this discussion a nice list @Fontshop of 'connected chrome script' but to me, Raceway FB suggested by Fivos is a great alternative and possibly the closest you could get considering all these connected scripts were "not-a-font".

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