New testing on legibility and new font Burlingame

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MIT did some testing on how long people looked at dashboard type to read it. They found humanist type more readable than geometric. They have narrower glyphs than geometric, based on circle-my take. Also Verdana, if that's what they used, has better spacing.

Congrats to Carl Crossgrove!

Here is an article on it. It's in the third slide.

I would like to see a comparison to Clearview Highway, which used distance thresholds, as well as time, I believe.

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So is science telling me my dashboard should look like this?


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Layout can make a legible typeface much less legible. All that whiz bang distraction, and lower contrast on the main message is an example of self-defeating strategies. I wonder where that dashboard design came from. I hope it's not real. Looks like they needed some more research :)

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The type at least looks good.


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I don’t think how long they looked at the dash is the acid test. That would be how many arrived safely at their destination, and if time is really the concern, how long it took them to get there.

Some sort of rally/scavenger hunt would be a good experiment.

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Insurance too costly. :-)

BTW it's fascinating that women were less affected.


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