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I'm working on a piece of packaging with a devilish slant. I have the font 'Helena' and was wondering if the typophiles out there could suggest something similar?

I purchased 'Aesthetique' but that was a little to decorative.

Any Suggestions welcome

Posted an image of Helena with some text thrown in....

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To me Helena is more "cute little devil" as opposed to evil. Intended?


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There is also Diavlo Diavlo .

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Good one!


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I am not certain what you mean by "packaging with a devilish slant." This could range from a cute Valentines' day devil to a heavy metal like Graveblade -- which is definitely an attention grabber and not too "decorative" in the swirly sense of Helena. Another option is a script like Excalibur -- pointy in a casual way.
If you don't mind making letters, you could apply a motif like this to the initial letter of your logo from an uncomplicated "friendly" font of your choice and leave the rest unchanged.

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Really impressive!

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It's a whisky package called the devils punch bowl first two versions went big on a devil illustration. I want to go typographic for this one. Not cute Not heavy somewhere in between. tricky one to describe.

Still drawn to helena.

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