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What kind of font do we have here?

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This appears to be a one-off monogram, not made using a font. You could make something that looks like this by modifying characters from a monoline Tuscan-style font with "fishtail" serifs, such as Hessian.

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I agree with Victor that this can be made from a monoline Tuscan.
There is no perfect choice for the M. Hessian requires making a fishtail at the top of the strokes, adding a fishtail at the vertex, clipping the medial spurs, and reducing the weight.
If I was using a font to make the monogram, I would choose
1. Yuma Regular http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/otto-maurer/yuma/ It virtually identical fishtail curled back serifs to the monogram. All that is needed for a good match is to clip off the medial spurs, make the side strokes vertical and reduce the weight. Or
2. Lynchburg http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontmesa/lynchburg/ It has virtually identical curled back fishtail serifs to the monogram. The main things needed are to add a fishtail at the vertex and reduce the thickness of the rhs vertical stroke and the lhs diagonal to match the rhs diagonal. Lynchburg is a much more precisely crafted font than Yuma.
Two other candidates:
1. Figgins Tuscan http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hihretrofonts/figgins-tuscan/alternate_cuts. The main things needed are to add a fishtail at the vertex and reduce the thickness of the vertical strokes and the lhs diagonal to match the rhs diagonal.
2. Old Vic http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/solotype/old-vic/ requires cutting off the terminal balls, flaring the vertex etc.
My comments on M also generally apply to the other letters.

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Most probably custom and by Anagrama. Too much geometric/symmetric/structured/adjusted to be a font as it to me and not the hardest style to reproduce actually as it's only made with straight strokes, circles and ellipses adding 'mustache' tuscan serifs. Another way to recreate it would be to start with some rather geometric like Copperplate (which looks not so far for this job) or Engravers Gothic/Blair/Sackers Gothic mainly reworking terminals into tuscan serifs.
Interesting substitute: Worthing

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Hi Ryuk, mustache tuscan is a clear description, much better than "curled back fishtail serifs."

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Not to derail this topic but does anyone know what company this is for? I see a T/U/M/C/Co

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